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Mandamus Info Knowledge Consultants Pvt Ltd is involved in numerous business verticals viz Mandamus Education Academy, Crelton Solutions India, Mandamus Rural BPO, and Mandamus Shiksha Foundation. All these businesses are well-designed and well-planned to offer better services to our client base. Right from skill development services to information security and to BPO, our elite team of professionals think out-of-box to deliver the best services. Mandamus also takes pride in partnering with several government and non-government agencies to partake in employment Linked Skill Development initiatives across the State of Karnataka.

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Skill Development

Mandamus aims at being one of the largest skill development organizations by providing employment linked skill training across Karnataka and creating a pool of skilled candidates.

Information Security

Information Security is one of the most significant organization assets which need to be protected at any cost. Organizations should ensure their digital assets are safe and secured from both internal and external threats. At Mandamus, we offer end to end Information Security solutions to protect and prevent threats within no time.


Mandamus offer BPO services to various industries. We act on behalf of our clients to satisfy their customer needs. At Mandamus, we handle back office jobs such as finance, human resource and accounting; and front office jobs such as customer services.

Our Business ExpansionsBe early. Be insightful. Drive to consensus.

Mandamus Education Academy

The Primary objective of Placement Linked Skill development project is to train unskilled workers and promote employability across Karnataka in various sectors. Under Mandamus Education Academy we are setting up Skill development Centres across Karnataka with an objective to train amateurs and make them industry-experts.

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Crelton Solutions India

Crelton is a staffing company rooted with passion for placing the right candidate in a right job. We have a firm grasp on what it takes to build a strong workforce and a successful career.

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Mandamus Rural BPO

Mandamus Rural BPO is a well-thought establishment that started with an objective to empower rural communities, create more jobs, and offer a sustainable lifestyle.

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Mandamus Shiksha Foundation

The cornerstone of our ambition includes but is not limited to provide livelihood training & livelihood Support through a continuous engagement of different communities.

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Partner with us

Mandamus Info Knowledge Consultants Pvt Ltd was established in the year 2008 with a primary mission of accelerating economic development by leveraging skilled workforce across Karnataka. We recognize that the issues we are trying to address are vast for one organization to be able to do it alone. We believe that there are huge opportunities for collaboration, especially in our sphere of work that can create win-win opportunities for all our stakeholders.