About Us

Mandamus was established in the year 2008. Right from its inception, the management has targeted to bridge the socio-economic gap in Karnataka. Mandamus delivers end-to-end solutions for corporate and government entities. We serve host of clients across many sectors such as IT / ITeS, BFSI, E-Commerce, Retail, Travel and Hospitality.

Our professionals are specialized in unlocking value by providing excellent services to our customers, while delivering desired business outcomes. By building constructive business relationships, we provide powerful insights and offer robust solutions that improve customer experience, reduce cost-to-serve and increase profitability.

In order to improve socio-economic balance by empowering the youth and help them lead sustainable lifestyle in Karnataka, we educate, encourage, and enable every individual demonstrate proficiency, integrity and professionalism. We operate under equal opportunities policy and oppose all prejudices and discriminations based on race, nationality, gender, age, religion, or political grounds. We constantly look for professional development opportunities for our employees by providing training, feedback, action plans, evaluations and leadership programs.

To maintain socio-economic balance by empowering the youth and help them to lead sustainable lifestyle.

To educate, encourage, and enable every individual to demonstrate technical proficiency, integrity and professionalism.

We design industry-need trainings to empower youth, women and underprivileged people to make their lives better.

At Mandamus, we believe training the individuals through stories and experimental learning rather than teaching them theoretically. Our training programs are designed and developed by the Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) and constantly updated to meet the industry needs. The elite team of SME’s make learning process easy and enjoyable by adding gamification elements. The fun elements are integrated to bring out the inner skills of a person and help discover their potential naturally and adopt the discovered knowledge to make their life better. We believe that people learn fast when they are in a relaxed state – we use group activities amidst learning process that provoke them to think practically – create mock scenarios to identify better solutions and act in a better way.