Rural BPO

Mandamus with its 22 years of IT industry experience and 10 years of skill development experience has come up with the Rural Business Process Outsourcing (RBPO) with an objective to train youth and underprivileged people and create jobs in rural areas. Backed by State and Central Government projects for skill development, we built our offices in 300 seater offices in Gulbarga and Udupi collectively. The main idea behind creating internal jobs in the rural sectors is to empower youth and underprivileged section and help them lead their life in a better way.

Under RBPO, Mandamus sets out a platform for rural people to showcase their talent and come out of the nutshell to start a successful career and shape their lives as per their dreams. Besides, Mandamus trains the enthusiastic people to polish their skills and prove their mettle. At Mandamus, the elite team of professionals work on rural youth betterment and promote entrepreneurship by providing better eco-system.