Sports Management Group

Sports is one such field in India which is not getting the deserved attention and every time when India participates in International events, it has managed to get a few medals. In order to encourage sports personnel, Mandamus Sports Management Group gives special support to the deserving sports personnel who participate in sports and recreational activities and have a potential to secure medals at national & international levels.

We take pride in identifying talent and we adopt deserved sports personnel irrespective of their background. We facilitate these talents by providing coach, life coach, dietician, sports medicine experts, sports gear, tool kits to name a few. In an outline, we take care of every single need of sports personnel and help them to achieve their goal.

We achieve this objective by;

  • Creating a youth sport program in Karnataka thereby encouraging youth to participate in sports thus creating a healthy and encouraging environment.
  • We work towards improving the performance of a sports personnel by regularly analysing their performance matrix through sports and performance analytical tools.
  • Increase participation of youth in sports and recreation programs and to increase youth access to health care and healthy development.