Start-Up Hub

The objective of the scheme is to promote and establish world class incubation centres in various sectors such as manufacturing, transport, energy, health, education, agriculture, water, sanitation etc. in Karnataka. These incubation centres would support and encourage innovative technology based start-ups that have an application and/or impact on the core sectors of the economy. The incubation centres would provide the start-ups with necessary guidance, technical support, infrastructure, access to investors, networking, and facilitating a host of other resources that may be required for a startup to survive, scale-up and become commercially viable.

We extend the following facilities to aspiring entrepreneurs from rural areas:

  • Assist Incubates
  • Trainings & Programmes
  • Supportive Infrastructure & Services
  • Build Corporate Network
  • Network of Mentors
  • Build Required Applications
  • Create Events
  • Create Knowledge Hub